The end

This year has been tough on many. People around the world have suffered due to sometimes extreme situations.


We are proud that we were able to offer a safe place to so many during these past 6 months. We are proud of what our team has accomplished, and we are proud of all of the amazing gifts that have been shared by so many designers.


This year asked a lot from all of us and we want to take this chance to say thank you.


Thank you to all the lovely designers, thank you to all the amazing teams of several events that have supported us, thank you to every blogger that has covered us, thank you to all the amazing groups, communities and more listed on the left side.


And most of all, thank you to Linden Lab for supporting us throughout these insanely busy 6 months.


From the bottom of our hearts we thank you, the shoppers, for all of your kind and wonderful words.


We are truly overwhelmed by all the positive vibes that has been sent our way.


Thank you ♥ Stay safe, stay strong, stay as healthy as possible and once again: THANK YOU!


Love, Alex, Freya & Zac

The Stay at Home Club was started in Second Life on 25th of March 2020 and ended on 25th of September 2020.
The Stay at Home Club SL or The Stay at Home Club Second Life.
Second Life® is a registered trademark of Linden Research, Inc. We are not directly affiliated with Second Life.

SLur♥visi♥n Party, May 16th 2020