About Us

First of all we would like to take this chance to thank everyone for all of their time and effort, it is very much appreciated! Let's spread the love! ♥


We are a group of designers based on the City of Neon Dreams at the HILTED region. During one of the harder times in everyone's real lives, we came up with the idea to gather a set of gifts to offer to people for free. Together we stay strong and in times like these we need each other.


Originally the City of Neon Dreams team wanted to create a collection of gifts to offer to people, but we decided that it would be a good idea to involve other designers. The more the merrier! We started talking to a few friends and shared our ideas with them, that resulted in so many positive vibes and reactions that we decided to start The Stay at Home Club.


We are open for designers to sign up to share gifts and share the love even more, free gifts for all in those difficult times might distract people for a bit and give them something to enjoy during those hard moments.

Who Are We?

Owner: Freya - Childofpreservex Resident (HILTED, Catacomb and Mainframe Event)

Owner: Zac Remex (Rumah Kita, Next Gen Inc. Adoption Agency and Mainframe Event)

Owner: Alex - AstaraBonnibelle Resident (Astara and Mainframe Event)
Mod: Izabellility Resident (Scratch and an actual egg)

Official Accounts

TheStayatHomeClub Resident - Used to streamline contacts with designers regarding gifts

TheStayatHomeClubBouncer Resident - Used to maintain our in-world group

BeepieBoop Resident - Used to handle all group invites


For any questions regarding The Stay at Home Club, please send a notecard in-world to the account thestayathomeclub Resident

If you are a designer and wish to sign up, please use the Sign Up form (click here to open it)

The Stay at Home Club was started in Second Life on 25th of March 2020.
The Stay at Home Club SL or The Stay at Home Club Second Life.
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