Follow Up Statement - Published on September 7th, 2020


Sadly we are forced to make this statement:
We are not selling or handing the club over to anyone else. We are not changing the name and we are not keeping anything open after September 25th. The doors will be closing and that is the end of it. 

Please do not try to rally the chat, the group chat is logged 24/7 and any issues will be dealt with sooner or later. Respect our group rules and follow them, so you can stay in this group until the end.

Please do not post any links in the group chat unless they are on the website. Also do not advertise in this group as this is considered spam. Be kind and respectful to each other! Begging will result in eject/ban.

We do not need people to write us testimonials, we have seen how it has impacted many residents. If you read the statement we released, you will see that there is a multitude of reasons as to why the club is closing, not just the attitude of a few hundred people.

Sadly, since we announced the closing many people have proven exactly why we want to shut the doors.

Any behaviour that is nasty or pressuring the team to stay open will result in a ban, and any abusive behavior will result in a Abuse Report to Linden Lab.

Official Statement: Thank you for the adventure - Published on September 5th, 2020


We want to start by saying a massive thank you to all the creators and Residents who have joined us at The Stay at Home Club. We started the club on March 25th 2020 and it has been a wild ride! We are sad to say that we will be closing the Club on September 25th 2020. 


Why are we closing?

We have decided to close the Club for multiple reasons and we want to be open about this difficult decision. Firstly, we have dealt with over 1000 of incredible, generous, and outgoing designers. Many of which have gone above and beyond to help and provide gifts, some of which regularly updated and added more to help support us all. As of today, the in-world group has hit nearly 16,000 people, the Discord has over 900 members, the Facebook page has 2,600 likes, and the website has well over 2 Million page views! With this comes a lot of maintenance, the team has sunk much of their personal time and money into the Club to keep things running smoothly and up to date. Although we have worked with many incredible people, we have also experienced negativity.


We have sadly had to deal with abusive designers and residents, copyright infringement, hate speech, and even personal attacks in-world, on Discord, and on Facebook. This was not what the Club stands for, we wanted to bring a bit of light to a dark time by helping to provide gifts, support, and a place for people to not worry about ongoing real life situations. That being said, it was the minority causing those issues, but they did greatly affect us as we were also going through the same real life issues that many of you were also facing. We feel at this stage, the Club has served its purpose and has been an incredible experience for many of us involved, but now is the right time for us to say goodbye. Thank everyone involved and wish you all the best for the future. Times may be difficult, but stay strong, we will get through it!


A special thank you to Linden Lab for their support and promotion, Club Havoc for hosting a SLurovision party, Next Gen Inc Adoption Agency for promotion and hosting the HQ, and we want to thank Cassie Middles, Access Event, Seraphim, Aenigma Event, Free Dove, SL F&O, Fabulously Free, Flare for Events,, Firestorm Viewer, Mainframe Event, Possession Production, Spoonful of Sugar, Pride Festival, Grid Affairs, and the countless Bloggers, Residents, and Store/Event owners who helped us share the love.


We will stop accepting new sign ups immediately and will publish all gifts we receive until September 10th, 2020. On September 25th we will close down our in-world group, HQ, Discord server and will take down all published gifts on the website.


Once again, we thank you all for joining us on this adventure and we hope it brought a little bit of happiness to your day.


Stay safe and stay strong!


Love from the Team of The Stay at Home Club:

Owner: Freya - Childofpreservex Resident (HILTED, Catacomb and Mainframe Event)

Owner: Zac Remex (Rumah Kita, Next Gen Inc. Adoption Agency and Mainframe Event)

Owner: Alex - AstaraBonnibelle Resident (Astara and Mainframe Event)

Frequently Asked Questions - last updated: September 6th, 2020


Q: Can you keep one part open, e.g. the group chat or the Discord server?

A: No, we have decided to close everything together.

Q: Can you let designers continue using the group so they can share their gifts, new products etc?

A: No, we wouldn’t be able to control the outgoing notices/messages that way, meaning we cannot control the possible spam, copyright infringement or hate speech etc.


Q: Can the Discord remain open?

A: No the Discord will not remain open.


Q: Can’t you just keep going and just let others deal with things?

A: No, we have valid reasons behind the decision we made and we have openly shared those in our official statement. 


Q: When will the Club close?

A: We will continue publishing gifts until the 10th of September 2020, after that we will keep things the way it is until September 25th. We will then slowly close things down on our own terms.


Q: Can I take over the Club and run it or buy it from you?

A: No, we are not interested in selling or giving the Club away.


Q: Can’t you just ban whoever caused issues?

A: They have been banned, however the continuous attacks we received throughout multiple channels cannot be stopped. 


Q: What happens to all the gifts that are in the stores?

A: That is up to the designers and/or locations! We are not in the position to tell a designer/owner what to do, they can leave the gifts out or take it down, to their own liking.


Q: I was collecting the Snack Pack Scouts Badges, what happens to them?

A: We have put all current Badges available at our HQ, they  will remain there for a while until sometime after the 25th of September. We will communicate the date once we’ve set a date for it. We have made the limited edition Badges available again at our HQ (click here to teleport) as well. What to do with the remaining empty slots in the Badge Frame? Who knows ;) we might have an idea for that coming soon!


Q: Can you reconsider your decision and keep things open and running?

A: No, the Club will be closing.


Q: Some gifts are no longer available, can you look into this?

A: Due to the Club closing, we have decided we will stop updating gifts/locations after September 10th. If a designer/owner decides to remove their gift, it is their good right and we need to respect their decision.

The Stay at Home Club was started in Second Life on 25th of March 2020 and ended on 25th of September 2020.
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