Why am I seeing this ad?

First of all, we would like to give a big thank you to everyone who has helped The Stay at Home Club grow so rapidly since we started on March 25th 2020. It is a fantastic adventure that we are planning to keep running for a long time to help share the love in Second Life. We will continue to list gifts regularly on the website and work with creators and event owners in SL to bring more fun and exciting things to the Club!

We soon realized that running the Club takes a lot of time and costs a fair bit of money, between checking locations in-world, replying to many emails per day, updating the website daily, paying for domain and website costs, and general Club management. As our team all have multiple responsibilities in Second Life including their own stores and other commitments, we found that some of us were spending more time on the Club than we could afford, as we wanted to try to provide the best experience for all!

Why am I seeing banners on the website?

Basically, sustainability and expansion. We are looking where we can take The Stay at Home Club in the future and ways for us to keep the website relevant, up to date, and sustainable time/cost wise. Many locations (stores, events, exploring regions etc.) have asked us if they could advertise on the website.

We hear you loud and clear, and here we are: Advertising has been implemented! ​We will not have random ads like most websites do, we will not use any service (e.g. Google Ads) for this. We are keeping it strictly Second Life related only, with a banner provided by an advertiser after having personal contact with them in-world. Every location and advertisement will be checked to make sure it fits the Club guidelines.

Yes, the advertisement is paid, but the free gift listings will always be free of charge!


The Stay at Home Club was started in Second Life on 25th of March 2020.
The Stay at Home Club SL or The Stay at Home Club Second Life.
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